Is this YOU:

  • Struggling to write inspiring marketing copy?
  • Fumbling around trying to create / edit a supposedly do-it-yourself website?
  • Wasting time on social media when you could be servicing clients or customers? for inspired small business copy, content, website design and social media marketing ~ for businesses with Spirit! for inspired small business copy, content, website design and social media marketing ~ for businesses with Spirit!

Then it's time we met!

Who am I?

My name is Clare Vanessa (read about my experience and credentials here) and I can free-up the time you currently waste on online marketing and website maintenance - so you can spend it instead servicing your customers, and making your business thrive.

Whether you have difficulty maintaining your website; need a website built from scratch and have no idea where to start; or just dislike having to spend hours marketing your services to attract customers, I can help.

So why sub-contract when you could possibly do it yourself?

Certainly with the many what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) platforms of today, you can surely do everything yourself and save money, right?

I would offer an alternative viewpoint: while you're struggling to do what doesn't come intuitively, you are wasting time you could be billing your customers for. How could that be? As an example, let's say you are a naturopath and you charge $120 per hour for your services. You obviously need to get the word out about your services to attract customers, and so you might spend 2 hours a day maintaining your website presence, mailing list and social media - all entirely necessary tasks. But those 2 hours spent marketing can be outsourced for a lesser cost, leaving you to make 2 extra appointments and increase your daily income by $240 (and more, if you are able to value-add products within those appointments!). Yes, you still pay for those website services being outsourced, however since someone like me does this type of work in my sleep (sometimes literally!!), I will always do it more quickly than you would, so you come out on top.

Think of all those hours you might spend writing email copy that just doesn't get read or gain the desired response from your clients; the extra time you spend spell-checking your work so it doesn't embarrass your business; writing website copy that really is not crafted to engage your desired audience; or simply all that time you spend struggling with the DIY website that just doesn't end up looking like what you had in mind (and therefore wasted your precious time and resources, without the desired effect). I could help you with these tasks, and leave you instead spending your time:

(a) Following your clients up and keeping them happy ~ increasing their loyalty to your services.
(b) Creating new products and services to sell ~ building your income.
(c) Booking more client appointments, therefore increasing your daily income.
(d) Or just on a beach somewhere during weekends ~ instead of grumbling at your computer angrily while everyone else gets a break from their week's work!!

You can view some of my portfolio below (more coming soon).


Responsive WordPress e-Commerce Website

Whether you need a simple blog or a multi-page e-commerce website, I can help you. Take a look at this example of a business website I built (and currently maintain) which is advertising both a physical business while also offering an online store. All websites I design utilise responsive themes, which means the website will adjust to the user’s screen whether they are viewing it on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can view the site live below:

Bluebottles Brasserie, Woolgoolga NSW



Responsive Standard WordPress Website

Another example of a website I built, and currently also maintain, is for a professional Animal Communicator. The site’s main roles are to explain her services; answer questions for potential clients; promote her upcoming workshops; and take booking enquiries. It has been set-up so she can easily edit the main body text on all pages, which is important to this client so she can easily change prices and availability of services herself when she needs to, without affecting the layout. As with all websites I develop, it is also responsive in order to automatically adjust to the user’s screen size (i.e. laptop, tablet or smartphone). You can view it live below:

Kerrie Searle, Animal Communicator, Rye VIC

Custom Logo Design

Another service I offer is custom logo design. Below is a recent example of a new logo design, commissioned by a client who conceived the idea – we worked together to bring this client’s unique and specific concept to fruition!

Custom Online Email Template (MailChimp)

I also create custom online email templates within an email marketing service such as MailChimp. For the client below, I created the email template within her MailChimp account so that it matched her website’s branding, colour scheme, fonts, and the overall business image she desires. She can now use this template to create her own custom email newsletters whenever she needs to, however in this instance, I manage her email marketing and all she has to do is email through the text and it is flying out to her customers (while she concentrates on new leads and her important work!).

With an online service like MailChimp, I can also embed email address sign-up forms into your website so you easily gain leads and meet all privacy regulations (plus the customer database can be exported anywhere you wish in future, so you maintain complete control over your customers’ details).


5 mistakes to avoid when designing your new business website

A common scenario I have witnessed too many times is a proud business owner bragging excitedly about their newly-developed whiz-bang website, which is definitely going to boost their sales. All too often, the result is instead the business owner scratching their head wondering why their website isn’t attracting new customers when it looks so stylish …


clare_photo (jul09)_headshot_MONO

Like many young people, I was compulsorily schooled in how to write grammatically-correct English. However, it was my love of how the English language was constructed that led to my completion of a BA in English Literature.

Being averse to becoming the clichéd English teacher or journalist as urged by my degree, I instead explored the worlds of customer service, sales, and marketing while I worked out what path I wanted to professionally pursue. This led me to hone my English skills in small business marketing, copy writing, content creation, website design, and ultimately in the burgeoning new world of social media – at the time of its inception and wide-spread rejection by small business as ‘just another fad’!

✿  Sales & Marketing Expertise  ✿

So what began as an exploration into sales and marketing became the path I have followed for 25+ years, including:

  • 11 years running a retail IT business;
  • Training with some of the best business minds and speakers in Australia;
  • Development of broad skills, encompassing key aspects of running, building and creating healthy small businesses in different industries;
  • Working in both face-to-face and online customer environments, gaining a wealth of customer service experience (critical to the creation of effective marketing materials);
  • Learning how to create and sustain winning customer relationships.

✿  Alternative Health & Spirituality Websites are my Specialty  ✿

In addition, my passion for self-growth, spirituality, organic lifestyle and flower essences led to working for 10 years as the International Correspondence Course Tutor, International College Course Teacher Trainer plus creating the first Facebook page for the alternative health company, Australian Bush Flower Essences (which stood at a healthy 12K following at the time I left!).

This extensive work broadened my horizons so I am now well-versed at building websites and managing social media for alternative therapists, holistic health practices, alternative & energetic healers, mediums and psychics. I offer an understanding of the different energetic requirements of the owners of these websites and therefore can offer a wealth of experience to these dedicated souls – who typically do not want be burdened with the necessary creation of marketing tools!

✿  Want to work with me?  ✿

Amalgamate all of the above experience and skills and you have my expansive and adaptable capabilities in a nutshell!

You will want to work with me if you feel it is time to work with someone who:

  • is genuinely knowledgeable;
  • is a good listener;
  • works with integrity;
  • is capable of delivering what they promise;
  • is able to offer you the best of both worlds – knowledge and experience of running a small business AND the ability to construct relevant online marketing tools to successfully promote your business.

If you love to offer extraordinary customer service and want to promote yourself and your offerings authentically and effectively, I can help you:

  • Write copy that stands out (online or offline);
  • Design an aesthetically pleasing WordPress website for you (including eCommerce functionality, if required), which effectively leads your customer to your services and offerings;
  • Plan an effective Social Media presence and Blogging Strategy;
  • With your other specific web or writing project…

So PLEASE get in touch below to discuss.

Oh and I am really friendly, funny and personable too, so working with me is a breeze! 🙂

Yours in authentic marketing,

P.S. If you haven’t already, take a look at  my portfolio here and my pricing schedule here.

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Hopefully you arrived here because you have already viewed my portfolio of work, read all about me to decide if I’m a good fit for your business’s needs, and are now ready to make ‘first contact’ to discuss more!

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Talk soon! 🙂